Evolution Gaming: Monopoly Live Dream Catcher 2 Review

Dream Catcher 2 - Monopoly Live

Dream Catcher was an instant hit with players when it first hit online casinos back in 2017 and still remains a popular game to this day. It seems a hard game to top but Evolution Gaming has taken it to the next level by adding an extra bonus game based on the classic board game Monopoly.

Dream Catcher 2 Monopoly Live Edition:

The new version is pretty similar the original. The only difference being in this new version is there are no 2x or 7x multipliers on the wheel. These have now been replaced with Monopoly feature game entry symbols which (you guessed it) take you into the Monopoly board game!

Upon landing on said symbol you are transported to a 3D Monopoly board.

Before the bonus game commences, Uncle Pennybags will randomly place houses and hotels on some of the properties to determine the multipliers for each. The further you advance around the board, the higher multiplier you’ll receive. If you And if you happen to enter the bonus game on a multiplier, that will be added on as well. The end payout will be the total bet times the highest achieved multiplier.

The bonus takes place in a 3D world, rather than a physical wheel that is spun by a real host, it’s still a genuine experience for all players. When the dice are rolled, they are actual dice being rolled by the live host. Aside from the random placement of houses and hotels, nothing about the game is RNG-based.

Rolls players receive are unlimited but Evolution Gaming has capped winnings at €500,000 in bonus game. My Verdict Easily one of the most fun live casino games and great game to play with your friends or if you're like me and have none you can always play on your own!

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