About Me

Hi everyone,

My names Paul and I am a Venus Fly Trap (Obviously)
I am originally from Birmingham UK but I now reside in the Southwest in a quaint sleepy village in Cornwall.

I have been playing slots for over 25 years and first started when I was knee high to a grasshopper.
When I was child I used to go with my nan to our local social club and stand on a bar stool to feed the coins in the fruit machines for her. During my teenage years I used to head down the arcade with my mates where we would play the 10p fruit machines and my passion for slots carried on throughout my adult life. 

I rarely play the fruit machines anymore since I found online slots, they just pay a lot better and are more convenient although if I am in a pub I still cant resist putting in a couple of quid for old times sake! 
Nowadays I record and upload my slot sessions to my Youtube channel for others to enjoy,

Well there you go, that's a bit about me :)



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